Crown Solutions Backup Services

Here is a little fact: More than 70% of businesses close down within 6 months following complete data loss.


We offer tailored backup solutions for your business that are both secure and reliable to ensure that you never fall victim to that statistic.

Onsite Backup:

Onsite backup protects you from day to day data loss, deletion of files by mistake or hardware failure and is the fastest way to get you back up and running when your computer/server kicks the bucket. This however does have its' weaknesses, as it does not protect you from natural disasters, fire or flooding. This is where cloud backup shows its' strengths.

Cloud / Offsite Backup

Having your information stored offsite and in a secure cloud system protects you from all natural disasters and stores it securely.


You have access to your data 24/7, and will always be able to retrieve anything that you have had on your system, even if it was deleted months before your discovered that it was missing.


The usual approach would be having both backup systems in place to better secure your business. After all, machines are all replaceable, but your hard work and your clients are not.